Issue 85, Spring 2014

Special Topic:
Woolf and Materiality, edited by Derek Ryan

Contributors to the special issue on Woolf and Materiality:
David Bradshaw, Jane Goldman, Leene Kore Schröder, Rachel Crossland, Amy Bromley, Rebecca Rauve-Davis, Brandon Truett, Judith Allen, Suzanne Bellamy, and Sandra Inskeep-Fox

Review of “The Armory Show at 100” exhibit:
Patricia Lawrence

Reviews of Books by:
Todd Avery and Gigi Thibodeau, Christine Sizemore, Kristin Czarnecki, Emily Kopley, Alice Kelly, Susan Wegener and Karina Jacubowicz

Read the online issue: VWM85Spring2014

Download the issue to your computer if you wish to activate the hyperlinks in the document.

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