Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Issue 96, Fall 2019-Fall 2020

Issue 96, the Fall 2019-Fall 2020 of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany is can be accessed here. (An earlier draft is available for review below).

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Issue 96 features the special topic Centennial Contemplations on Early Work by Virginia Woolf and Leonard Woolf, guest-edited by Rebecca Duncan. The special section includes essays on Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out and Night and Day, as well as “The Mark on the Wall” and Leonard Woolf’s The Village in the Jungle. Mary Wilson, Sayaka Okumura, and Candice Kent examine previously unexplored features of Night and Day. Rosie Reynolds highlights the presence of aunts in The Voyage Out while Allison Castle Combs offers a detailed bibliography of the scholarship on The Voyage Out from 1995 to the present. Mine Özyurt Kılıç delves into the nuances of the snail motif in Woolf’s work, including “The Mark on the Wall” and “Kew Gardens,” and links the snail to the aesthetics of the Hogarth Press.

The issue also includes remembrances of Molly Hoff (1931-2019) and Sally Jacobsen (1931-2020), two Woolf scholars who contributed to the community.

The Truly Miscellaneous section of Issue 96 includes the 2020 Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Essay by Ekalan Hou, a student of Alice Staveley’s at Stanford University; a poem by Kristin Czarnecki; A. J. Kohlhepp’s reflections on the manuscript of A Room of One’s Own; Caragana Ellis’s essay on female silence in Woolf’s works; a posthumously published essay on Mrs. Dalloway by Molly Hoff; and Arpi Sarafian’s alignment of Woolf’s To the Lighthouse with the aspirations of Armenian women. Also included are Robert Haas’s parodic essay and Anne Byrne’s review of the photographic “Orlando” exhibition curated by Tilda Swinton.

The Book Review section features A Companion to Virginia Woolf edited by Jessica Berman; Ecocriticism in the Modernist Imagination: Forster, Woolf, and Auden by Kelly Sultzbach; Virginia Woolf: Ambivalent Activist by Clara Jones; Contemporary Revolutions: Turning Back to the Future in 21st Century in Literature and Art edited by Susan Stanford Friedman, and An African in Imperial London: The Indomitable Life of A. B. C. Merriman-Labor by Danell Jones.

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