Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Issue 95, Spring/Summer 2019

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Issue 95 features the special topic The Common Book Collector, guest-edited by Catherine Hollis. The special section features essays about book collecting by Jon S. Richardson, Carmen Königsreuther Socknat, Greg Matthews, Ellen Sowchek and Brendan Plann-Curley, Catherine W. Hollis, Alice Staveley, Emily Kopley, Alex Siskin, Anne Byrne, Kristin Czarnecki, Maggie Humm, Stephen Barkway, Cecilia Servatius, Carla Lento Faria, AnneMarie Bantzinger, Matthew Cheney, and Melody Wilson as well as a poem by Sandra Inskeep-Fox.

A section of the issue, edited by Paula Maggio, is dedicated to remembrances of Cecil James Sidney Woolf, nephew of Leonard and Virginia Woolf and founder of Cecil Woolf Publishers. The papers from the panel “The Woolfs, Bloomsbury, and Social Justice: Cecil Woolf Monographs Past and Present—Roundtable or Panel?” from Virginia Woolf and Social Justice, the 29th Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, are also included. The panel was organized by Karen Levenback and the panelists were Lois Gilmore, Paula Maggio, Todd Avery, and Vara Neverow.

The Truly Miscellaneous section of Issue 95 includes prose poem by Ann Fisher-Wirth,  a co-authored essay by Lesley Higgins and Marie-Christine Leps, an essay by Robert B. Todd, and a posthumously published essay by Molly Hoff.

The issue also includes book reviews by Eleanor McNees, Eileen Barrett, Karina Jakubowicz, Karen Levenback, Alice Keane and Peter Stansky. If you wish to review a book, please contact Karen Levenback at

The editors of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany are: Vara Neverow,  Martin Brick, Charlotte Fiehn, Celiese Lypka, and Cecilia Servatius.

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