Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Issue 84, Fall 2013

Scroll down to click on the image of the issue to access the PDF.

Special Topic:
Woolf and Animals, edited by Kristin Czarnecki and Vara Neverow

Contributors to the special issue on Woolf and Animals:
Jeanne Dubino, Alison Lacivita, Becky Tipper, Sandra Inskeep-Fox, E. D. Kort, Katherine Parker-Hay, Elisa Kay Sparks, Jim Stewart, Mark Hevert, Andrew Phelps, Filiz Kutlu, Anna Feuerstein, Jamie Johnson and Pamela Caughie

Truly Miscellaneous:
Joyce Kelley,  “Mr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde Park Gate: Echoes of Robert Louis Stevenson in Mrs. Dalloway

Reviews of Books by:
Elisa Kay Sparks, Anne Fernald, Jeanne Dubino, Karen Levenback, Danell Jones and Marlene Briggs

Society Column by:
Leslie Kathleen Hankins

Read the online issue by clicking on the image below:

VWM84Fall2013--page 1

View Table of Contents below:

VWM84Fall2013-table of contents




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