Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Issue 84, Fall 2013

To access the PDF, scroll down to click on the image of the issue. To activate hyperlinks in the document, download the PDF.

Special Topic:
Woolf and Animals, edited by Kristin Czarnecki and Vara Neverow

Contributors to the special issue on Woolf and Animals:
Jeanne Dubino, Alison Lacivita, Becky Tipper, Sandra Inskeep-Fox, E. D. Kort, Katherine Parker-Hay, Elisa Kay Sparks, Jim Stewart, Mark Hevert, Andrew Phelps, Filiz Kutlu, Anna Feuerstein, Jamie Johnson and Pamela Caughie

Truly Miscellaneous:
Joyce Kelley,  “Mr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde Park Gate: Echoes of Robert Louis Stevenson in Mrs. Dalloway

Reviews of Books by:
Elisa Kay Sparks, Anne Fernald, Jeanne Dubino, Karen Levenback, Danell Jones and Marlene Briggs

Society Column by:
Leslie Kathleen Hankins

Read the online issue by clicking on the image below:

VWM84Fall2013--page 1

View Table of Contents below:

VWM84Fall2013-table of contents




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