Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Issue 89 and 90, Spring 2016 and Fall 2016

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The 2016 Virginia Woolf Miscellany is a double issue and includes both Issue 89 and Issue 90.

Truly Miscellaneous
Issue 89, Spring 2016

Edited by Diana L. Swanson, this issue is a truly miscellaneous collection of essays. The issue also includes the Second Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Essay and book reviews as well as a remembrance of David Bradshaw.

Contributors to Issue 89, Spring 2016 are listed below in the order that their works appear:

Angela Hooks, Jessica S. Y. Yeung, Kaylee Baucom, Janine Utell, Victor Vargas, Emma Simone, Molly Hoff, Joel Hawkes, Alexandra DeLuise, Derek Ryan, Mark Hussey, Elisa Kay Sparks, and Sandra Inskeep-Fox.

Virginia Woolf and Illness
Issue 90, Fall 2016

Curated by guest editor Cheryl Hindrichs, this issue explores the topic of illness in Woolf’s life and work.

Contributors to Issue 90, Fall 2017 are listed below in the order that their works appear:

Claire Barber-Stetson, Elise Swinford, David Eberly, Douglas Rasmussen, Eileen Yu Xiaoxi, Layla Colón Vale, Jane Salisbury and Naomi Milthorpe, Lynne Mijangos, and Sandra Inskeep-Fox

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