Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Issue 99, Spring/Summer 2022

Issue 99 of the Virginia Woolf Miscellany is now accessible online in a next-to-final draft.

To access this initial draft of Issue 99 of the Miscellany please click here to access the “interactive” format (with a single page for the first and last page and a two-page spread for pages 2-71) or here to access the traditional format of the issue (a single-page scroll). You can view the document (or download it) using the link at the bottom of this webpage (however, keep in mind that this version will be replaced).

If you see any errors, please contact me at

The issue includes the special topic Portmanteau Woolf, crafted by guest editors Shilo McGiff and Valérie Favre. Contributors, in the order of their work, are Eret Talviste, Marie Allègre, Carolyn Oliver, Melissa Johnson, Ana Quiring, Melodie Roschman, Melis Aker, Ella Bucknall, Jenny Ann Cubin, Benjamin Hagen, and Kabe Wilson.

Due to the layout and the fit on pages in this issue, Ella Bucknall’s three graphic drawings are vertical rather than horizontal. To see them horizontally, click here.

In addition to the special topic, Issue 99 also features a number of “Truly Miscellaneous” works including Gabriela Zetehaku’s 2020 Angelica Garnett Undergraduate Prize essay (see pages 42-44), the papers from the plenary panel dedicated to the centenary of Jacob’s Room at the 31st Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf with contributions from Kate Flint, Suzanne Raitt, Ted Bishop, Maria Rita Drumond Viana, and Vara Neverow (see pages 45-53), and essays by Robert B. Todd, Lesley Higgins, and Emilee Calametti Quinn.

The book reviews are by Marion Dell on Talland House by Maggie Humm; Patricia Laurence on Virginia Woolf: Music, Sound, Language by Elicia Clements; Jane Fisher on Viral Modernisms: The Influenza Pandemic and Interwar Literature by Elizabeth Outka; Erica Gene Delsandro on On Being Ill published by Elte Raush; J. Ashley Foster on Nancy Cunard: Perfect Stranger by Jane Marcus; and Ann Rea on Elizabeth Bowen: A Literary Life by Patricia Laurence.    

Regarding events and calls for papers, please see the list below:

The Woolf-related panels and papers for the upcoming MLA convention and the Louisville Conference are listed on page 5.

Laci Mattison’s CFP for Woolf and Ecologies, the topic for 32nd Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf scheduled for June 8th-11th, 2023, appears on pages 6 and 7.

Remembrances of Jane Lilienfeld and Cheryl Hindrichs are included on pages 11-14.

The Calls for Papers for Issues 100, 101, and 102 of the Miscellany appear on pages 15-16.

Note: as indicated above, there are two formats for this issue. Click here to access the interactive version of the issue.Click here to access the traditional format of the issue. Again, to see Ella Bucknall’s graphic illustrations horizontally, click here.

This page will be updated once the final iteration of the issue is completed.

If you have questions about the Virginia Woolf Miscellany, are interested in acquiring a print copy of one or more issue, need online access to a specific article or issue, want to use issues of the Miscellany for pedagogical purposes, or are interested in proposing a special topic, please contact Vara Neverow, the managing editor of the publication, at

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